Here at Takesumi no Sato, located deep in the mountains of Miyazaki and surrounded by nature, we produce bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid under our concept of beauty, health, and nature. In creating our products, our skilled craftsmen use specialized techniques using earthen furnaces used since long ago. How do we create genuine bamboo charcoal and high-quality pyroligneous acid that meets the standards of the customer?

 The answers we found simply came from the ingredient, “bamboo,” and how it’s grown. We grow Moso bamboo deep in the mountains of warm Miyazaki where there is no pollution. With our commitment and confidence in the ingredients we use, we are able to make high-quality bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.

To clear the strict quality and safety standards of Japanese department stores, we continue to make our charcoal using burning techniques that no machine can do to create high-quality bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.

Since our establishment, we’ve continued to use particular ingredients, fuel, and manufacturing methods with a goal to answer the customers to be environmentally friendly without compromising the high quality of our bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.

Agricultural Corporation Takesuminosato Co., Ltd. 
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Company Profile

Company Name Agricultural Corporation Takesuminosato Co., Ltd.
Head Office, Bamboo Charcoal Factory 3845-16 Fukadoshi, Higashimorokatagun Kunitomicho, Miyazaki
Cosmetics Factory 4325 Kitatakanabe, Koyugun Takanabecho, Miyazaki
President Representative Director Koichiro Iida
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Established 10/16/1997
Business Area
  • Manufacturing and selling bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid products made from Miyazaki grown Moso bamboo
  • Manufacturing and selling cosmetics
  • Sales of health foods that include bamboo charcoal
Main Products
  • Bamboo charcoal bedding (pillow, mat)
  • Kaguya Series (charcoal soap, bamboo soap, charcoal toothpaste, hair & body soap, hair treatment)
  • Cleanser, lotion, moisturizer, cream
  • Health foods (Genki no Kurotsubu)
  • Food additives
  • Bamboo pyroligneous acid
  • Other products (deodorizer, products used in cooking rice, drinks, livestock feed, fertilizer, building material, and more, all including bamboo charcoal)

Company History

7/1996 Established
10/1997 Established (capital of 3,000,000yen)
Minoru Iida became president
Received license to become an agricultural production organization
3/1999 Forestry Agency accepts application in conducting forestry business
4/2002 Joint project with Miyazaki University researching bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.
4/2003 Admission of researcher from Takaoka-cho (present day Miyazaki City) to execute river purification experiments
2/2005 Agriculture management improvement plan recognized in accordance with an agriculture management law.
4/2005 Approved for grant to develop manufacturing technology
6/2005 Received license to manufacture and sell cosmetics
Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen
6/2005 Research projects relating to bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid in collaboration with The Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Technology Center, as well as with Miyazaki University
9/2005 Approval of new business model following the laws of new business activity for SMEs.
12/2005 Sales begin of the cosmetic product, LARME NATURELLE, with a base ingredient of bamboo pyroligneous acid
1/2006 Received an SME grant from Miyazaki Prefecture
9/2006 Joint Project with The Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Technology Center researching bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.
1/2008 Reported to Miyazaki Prefecture regarding charcoal powder being used in livestock feed.
4/2008 Sales begin of the health supplement “Genki no Kurotsubu”
12/2008 Koichiro Iida becomes president
5/2009 Sales begin of the food additive, Takesumi Powder
2/2010 Received license to manufacture cosmetics
10/2011 Implementation of the Miyazaki Recycle Authorization System to improve quality of products

We deliver safe and reliable bamboo charcoal, because of our furnaces

While Miyazaki is one of the few major timber prefectures, there is still fear of destruction of forest environments.

Our workshop is gentle towards the environment while using the abundance of bamboo in the prefecture to make bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid.

Starting with our bamboo charcoal pillows and deodorizer, cosmetic and food supplements have also been developed using bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid which are all being sold at department stores throughout Japan. Along with promoting Miyazaki, through these sales, we strive to contribute to bamboo forest maintenance and the conservation of forest environments.

Manufacturing Workshop

1. Bamboo logging

Only use Moso bamboo over 4 years old from Kunitomi Town

2. Splitting, removal of nodes, and binding

Only high-quality moso bamboo is selected

3. Bamboo drying

Dried naturally for at least 3 months to settle the moisture

4. Place in furnace & start the fire

Bamboo is placed in an earthen furnace so there is no remaining space, then it is lit on fire.

5. Burning of bamboo charcoal and extraction of pyroligneous acid

Bamboo is carefully burned for about a month to create bamboo charcoal

6. Removal from kiln & selection of bamboo charcoal

Only good quality charcoal is selected

Separated into categories of food, cosmetic, bedding, deodorizing, building material, or agriculture.