Detoxifying effect

Bamboo charcoal absorbs unnecessary excess digest and harmful substances and removes them from the body through defecation. It will also absorb excess sugar and fat. so you can expect to feel its dieting effect. Bamboo charcoal is also rich in calcium. potassium, iron, and other natural minerals.


Deodorizing effect

The powerfully absorbing bamboo charcoal also absorbs smell. It is said to decrease stomach gas and smell of stool by letting it work inside the body. It has wonderful effects not only for humans but for pets as well. Mix with pet food to decrease pet body odor and smell of urine and feces.


Improve intestinal environment

When warmed by body temperature, bamboo charcoal will emit far infrared rays. FIR will improve blood circulation around the intestine and help with better intestinal function. In addition, eating bamboo charcoal will increase good bacteria which will help improve intestinal environment.


Absorb and remove radioactive material

Bamboo charcoal works to absorb and remove harmful substances in your body such as additives and pesticides. Various recent experiments have proven its effects to remove radioactive material and purify water with radioactive material.

Drinking and eating bamboo charcoal powder

It won’t interfere with taste or smell. Use it on anything!

Any meal or dessert.
With your ideas,the possibilities are endless!

The 1000 mesh very fine particle will not interfere with the texture on your tongue, and since it has no taste or smell, you can fancy up any dish you like!

Mix in your dish or drink to promote good health and beauty!

Stir in water and let the bamboo charcoal “detoxify” and “regulate intestinal functions”. You won’t even taste or smell it, so it’s easy to consume.

For facewash, toothpaste, and more


Absorbs oil, dead skin, dirt in pours and more to bring you silky smooth and healthy skin.


Bamboo charcoal particles remove plaque and buildup while controlling bad breath.

Bamboo Charcoal & Pyroligneous Acid

With the health trend booming, people are taking notice of “charcoal,” including bamboo charcoal and oak charcoal.

Bamboo charcoal in particular is gaining attention, as it has a quick growth rate and is kind to the environment, making it an eco-friendly product.

However, some are also questioning the quality and safety of even domestic products that may have been produced using Chinese bamboo with unknown origin or with unknown manufacturing processes using cheap imported bamboo.

At Takesumi no Sato, we’ve worked hard since it was first established to continue using persistent ingredients, fuel, and manufacturing methods without compromising the quality of the bamboo charcoal or pyroligneous acid.

Raw Material

Bamboo is purchased from local farmers who harvest bamboo from natural growing bamboo forests.

From a bamboo forest grown only for making original bamboo charcoal, Moso bamboo at least 4 years of age is used as our chosen ingredient. This preserves the quality required in increasing the value.

These are good quality bamboo that include plenty of minerals in its thick layers.

Preparing Bamboo

After the bamboo from the bamboo forest is cut and nodes are removed, it is left to dry naturally for over 3 months before undergoing a smoking process for 1 week.

By carefully smoking the bamboo, the moisture is trapped inside, which allows it to become a hard charcoal when it is burned.

Burning Process

Earthen furnaces are very delicate and difficult to control the temperature, but produce high quality bamboo charcoal, making it the best manufacturing method.

The burning temperature is over 800℃, so bamboo charcoal food products can be created without any tar included.


To fuel the fire, only natural firewood and bamboo are used. No gas, oils, or other chemicals are used in the process.

With consideration towards the global environment, the firewood is unused wood collected from local lumbermills.

We do not use wood coated with insect repellent or other chemicals.

Completion Process

To produce high quality bamboo charcoal, the carbonization temperature is very important.

Bamboo charcoal burned at a high temperature will be very hard.

It takes 10 to 14 days to heat up the inside of the kiln, then another 2 weeks to cool it down to air temperature.

The efforts of this month-long process results to our high-quality bamboo charcoal.

Quality and Safety

The powderization and inspection process are contracted out to ISO and Organic JAS certified companies to maintain proper quality control of the bamboo powder.

In addition, joint projects with Miyazaki University and The Miyazaki Prefecture Industrial Technology Center have provided analysis of bamboo charcoal and pyroligneous acid, as well as accumulated various data about the safe use. This research is used to help the farmers of Miyazaki, an agriculture and livestock prefecture, that use bamboo charcoal in their feed or fertilizer.

Also, guidance from the Miyazaki Industrial Support Foundation was received regarding proper quality control systems, as well as safety and hygiene management.

Our product is tested for safety and we only use ones that have passed the test

■Radioactivity testing
Test results from an analysis institute indicate our bamboo charcoal DOES NOT INCLUDE cesium-137, cesium-134, iodine-131.

■Bacteria testing
Each test examines common bacteria count, fungus count, coliform group, and moisture value. Only those that have passed the test are used for our bamboo charcoal.